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Our youth centers are gateway for young people to an affordable  solution. They aim to give young people access to quality training and resources designed to create social and economic opportunities that can help them improve their lives.

As a local NGO, Youth for Development (Youth4dev.org) does not aim to generate profit. Thus, its programs are offered at cost. Training of all types of courses are offered at various times of the day to suit the timetable of working and no-working people wishing to advance their skills.

At Youth Centers, special courses in computer, English Language, Keyboarding and Business Filing, and Executive Secretary are available.

Vocational Training Program

Youth for Development (Youth4dev.org) is the local organization that has already acquired Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) vocational training program in  addition to all the program’s tangible and intangible assets including human resources, buildings, equipment and goodwill. Youth for Development (Youth4dev.org), as a strategic partner to NPA, will use the current platform to develop the program further and  incorporate interventions and strategies that will focus on the relevant and contextual needs of young people in the community.

Youth vocational training program is a joint-venture with UNRWA. Daily classes start at 7:30 a.m. and end at 2:45 p.m. from Monday till Friday. Duration of the course is two semesters, 19 weeks each. Upon completion the course, trainees will undergo a four-weeks on-the-job training period at various types of  enterprises to enhance their knowledge and skills and enables them to fit in any job that requires administrative skills.