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The purpose of Youth4dev.org shall be achieved by numerous interventions and actions; among which are:

1- Establish and support educational institutes and vocational training hubs at all necessary vocational and academic levels to ensure young people’s employability and participation.

2- Promote and develop youth activities in artistic and cultural fields.

3- Seek to acquire scholarships for young students at all levels and disciplines.

4- Enhance practical skills and professional capacities of young people.

5- Increase capacities of young people to speak out and advocate for their rights and represent themselves in their community.

6- Enhance participation of young women in economic, social, political, and public life.

7- Promote leadership spirit skills and attitudes among young people.

8- Network and pool resources with local and international stakeholder.

9- Enhance use of civic participation in democratic processes.

10- Promote tolerance through education and dialogue among different youth groups.

11- Exchange youth experience and build bridges among different youth groups.

12- Develop young people’s skills to prevent conflicts and resolve problems.


Overall Strategic Goal

The overall and core goal of Youth4dev.org is to :“Engage all young people  for the the community through empowerment, education, and participation as well as to increase their employability.
Core Strategies:

1.      Quality Education and application  that meets employer’s needs and empower the target group to be economically and socially active.

2.      Develop communication and needed skills to increase leadership skills to target group

3.      Encourage engagement through vocational/technical Training and motivate target group to register in Youth for Development (Youth4dev.org) accredited centers for international Certificates: ICDL, IELTS

4.      Increase the level of competency and leadership at all Youth for Development (Youth4dev.org) levels.

5.      Participating in Partnerships and exchange of projects.

6.      Increase the employability of the target group by building market centered capacities.

Core Goals:
– Empower young people and strengthen their skills and capacities for increased participation and enhanced   employment.
– Mobilize young people and promote leadership to achieve sustainable development through a rights based    approach to democratic, economic and civil rights.

 Target Group Characteristics: 

Youth4dev.org targets  Palestinian, Syrian  and Lebanese youth groups, those living in the camps and outside them –  for  two main reasons:

1.      It is the most vulnerable group.

2.      Youth for Development (Youth4dev.org)’s current centers are already located in the vicinity of  the camps. The camps & gatherings, however, have developed, throughout the years, traditions and values that specifically characterize these places and make working inside these places a difficult task for those who are not aware of these ‘norms’ but an easier task for Youth for Development (Youth4dev.org)

3.      Palestinians and Syrian refugees also face severe restrictions in their access to work opportunities. Palestinian and Syrians  refugees are restricted from practicing several professions such as medicine, law, pharmacy, and journalism due to a requirement of possessing Lebanese citizenship or to having reciprocal treatment in the country of the foreign national who are wishing to practice certain professions.

This aberrant and discriminatory situation has negatively influenced the Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese people  youth, and as a result many of them have become aggressive and indifferent while many others live in bitterness, frustration with little or no hope for the future. Moreover, the camps are highly influenced by political and religious groups and parties that unfortunately provide alternatives to the frustrated youth looking for tangible options.

The Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese  young people have several socio-economic needs . Among these is the  access to formal or informal education that would enable them to acquire skills and get employed and subsequently help their families or build new ones.


Strategic Decisions:

Youth for Development (Youth4dev.org), in its attempt to stay competitive and  diversify its programs to best meet the needs of its target, has worked to set a strategic plan for the next five years 2016-2020. The three main strategic areas, two of them are:

1-  At the Program  Level:

The top management commitment to change should is crucial to  support the changes at all levels including the mission to better focus on  satisfying the changing refugee needs on academic and employment levels.

2- At the Resources Level:

The top and middle management will successfully manage the transition to a new mindset of diverse academic programs, vocational training, and partnerships.

1. Quality Education and application  that meets employer’s needs and empower the target group to be economically and socially active.

The objectives:
Focus on effective communication of the target group through diversified portfolio of education and courses that takes information technology into consideration.
Focus on the applied education of the target group to enhance their level of professionalism and responsibility.
Spread awareness about the core role of women in the society through focusing on the real participation of the women.
Smooth inclusion of the target group in the economic and social life through projects/plan on how to be an  effective participator and influencer .
Create employment opportunities of the target group that raise their economic level through direct and indirect support of any income related  initiative .



  Competencies of self-learning and life adaptability

Labor laws and market

Vocational training

Social participation

Citizenship engagement/participation

Academic programs

Current employment needs

The core concept of this strategy is to increase the economic and social level of the target group and make them an active members by providing them a quality blend of  education and competencies. This shall increase the probability of successful employability  and involvement  in the society .